Have a special need? If you can visualize it, JRi can make it a reality.

JRi’s highly experienced engineering staff can take a tailored suspension solution from conceptualization to production. Our unique approach, advanced hydraulic knowledge and unmatched service has led to wins and podium finishes around the world. From shock absorbers and test equipment to integral data acquisition mechanisms, we can support a wide range of needs. JRi is capable of total turn-key solutions, design-only applications, or input at a critical stage of the design process. JRi can perform testing to our proven standards or to your project’s specific requirements. We also have experience in electronic controlled hydraulic devices as well as embedded micro sensors, using only premiere quality components.

Examples of completed Custom Projects:

  • Pressure Tapped Stock Car Shock Absorber Body
  • Instrumented Stock Car Shock Absorber
  • Complete Road Car Interconnected Hydraulic Suspension System
  • Straight Line Test Actuators
  • Hydraulic Ride Height Systems
  • Off Road Active Position Sensitive Shock Absorber
  • Non-Contact Position and Velocity Sensors
  • Bio-Mechanical Devices- Braces and Prosthetics
  • High Speed Trains- Shocks for Maglev Suspension
  • UAV/ Drone Landing Gear
  • Position Sensitive Air-spring Aircraft Landing Gear Shock
  • Vibration Isolation/ Reduction

Have more questions? We have answers. Contact JRi Shocks at or 704-660-8346 to discuss your project.