• Builder Series Double Family
  • Builders Series Dbl Adj Chart
  • Builder Series Double Family
  • Builders Series Dbl Adj Chart

Builders Series Double Adjustable Shocks

8 lbs
28 × 6 × 6 in
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The Builders Series by JRi Shocks are available in both single adjustable and double adjustable configurations. The double adjustable version is more advanced and that allows you to adjust high speed and low speed independently with a sweeper-style adjuster and Ride Height adjustability via spring preload. This style of adjuster is better suited for the serious racer or casual driver that wants to adjust their car to any driving style. For more information on this adjuster style, picking the correct length, or mounting your Builders Series shock, see the links under the Tech Documents Tab.

Part Number Adjustability Stroke Extended Length Compressed Length Recommended Ride Height Length
100-511-300 Double 3.0 in 13.2 in 10.2 in 11.7 in
100-511-350 Double 3.5 in 14.5 in 11.0 in 12.75 in
100-511-400 Double 4.0 in 15.2 in 11.2 in 13.2 in
100-511-450 Double 4.5 in 16.5 in 12.0 in 14.25 in
100-511-500 Double 5.0 in 17.5 in 12.5 in 15.0 in
100-511-600 Double 6.0 in 19.5 in 13.5 in 16.5 in
100-511-700 Double 7.0 in 21.7 in 14.7 in 18.2 in

Technical Advantages

  • Multiple stroke length options available
  • Each stroke corresponds to a pre-determined overall length (full extended length)
  • Spherical bearings to prevent binding up during shock travel
  • Spherical bearings are 1-inch wide and accept a ½ inch bolt
  • Performance based setting for improved handling
  • Ride Height adjustable via the spring preload
  • Shocks use standard 2.5” ID springs
  • The damping adjuster is located at the bottom of the shock
  • The large range of adjustment in all JRi shocks allows the end user to fine tune their favorite ride into the ride they desire
  • All builder series shocks are designed to contain a large volume of nitrogen to maintain performance even under the hottest conditions
  • The nitrogen and oil are separated, so the shocks will perform the same in any mounting orientation
  • Rebuildable and serviceable
  • Each shock is dyno tested ensuring excellent performance
  • If the desired stroke is not known or the shocks are going on a custom build, please consult the document in the Technical Tab for more information



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8 lbs
28 × 6 × 6 in





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