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JRi understands the ever-increasing cost of drag racing and is working to provide solutions to help keep it affordable for racers at every level and budget.  JRi Shocks offers a double adjustable Sportsman series shock for racers in the super gas, super comp and stock eliminator classes as well as the folks who race at their local bracket races.

Technical Advantages:

  • Easily serviceable and rebuildable mono tube design
  • The most technology you can buy for the price
  • Designed for Index and All Stock Classes
  • Gas pressurized for consistent shock performance
  • Compression and rebound adjusted separately which provides a wide range of adjustability
  • Coil-Over kit included
  • Lightweight Aluminum design
  • Two stroke options: 5" stroke, 17.5 extended and 6” stroke, 19.5 extended

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  • Bob DeYoung

    i purchased my sportsman shocks from Shane at Competitive Suspension Solutions, made the car more consistent and easier to drive. Shane is a great guy to deal with.

  • Ken Samson

    I purchased a set of double adjustable sportsman JRI shocks from Shane at Competetive Suspension Solutions. He custom valves them to my specific combo. I am more than pleased with the results! My car will repeat 60′ times within .03 all day regardless of track prep and temp. The best part about them is the tech support after the sale. He calls or texts back right away and has always had the answers I’ve needed. Best support out of any company I’ve ever delt with! Thanks Shane!

  • Roy Parish

    I purchased my shocks through Competitive Suspension Solutions. Not only the shocks but the tuning support I received was awesome if you are on the fence about some new shocks or where to get them get a hold of Shane and let him help.

  • Doug Lynden

    Got my sportsman shocks from Shane at Competitive Suspension Solutions and I could not be happier with them, the quality and ease of adjustment is second to none and Shane’s technical support is spot on. My car was never as consistent as it has been with JRI shocks, glad I made the switch, Thank you for a great product

  • Nick akoury

    Good afternoon, I got my sportsman shocks and springs directly from Competitive suspension Solutions. I couldn’t get my Bracket truck to work what so ever so I called Shane Sweigart. He set me up and and the truck went its fastest after I installed his new shocks. The customer service is second to none! I called him many times with different questions and he always answered and helped me. I would refer him to everyone. Thanks for the absolute awesome product. Merry Christmas

  • Josh Epperson

    Competitive suspension solutions did my sportsman series JRi shocks for mw and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend Competitive suspension solutions as well as JRi sportsman shocks.

  • Jeff Clark

    just put a set on i got from Competitve Suspenion Solutions. i’m very happy with how car works now