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JRi Shocks has equipped their double adjustable drag racing shock with a smooth body and an air assist feature to provide racers an added degree of tunability further down the racetrack. Once down the track, the air assist feature allows the driver to dump the air which lowers the ride height, driving the back half of the car into the racing surface, getting the spoiler out of the wind and giving the tire more bite.

Technical Advantages

  • Adjustable preload on rebound shim stack for starting line conditions
  • Air assist allows you to use max rebound at starting line, keeping the shock at a precise position for a certain amount of time before releasing air and smoothing out the ride
  • Responsive to higher frequency inputs
  • Reduced tire shake
  • Consistent and faster 60’ times
  • Works off air and a timer- once you get down the track 60 feet or so, you can dump the air to lower the ride height down which adds angle into the four-link resulting in the tires getting more grip
  • Lowers ride height up to 2 inches
  • CO2, solenoid and timer sold separately





Tech Documents

Tech Documents

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