• JRi Harley Dual Adjustable Shocks
  • JRi-Dual-Adjustable-Harley Shock-on bike
  • JRi Harley Shock & Fork Image
  • JRi Harley Dual Adjustable Shocks
  • JRi-Dual-Adjustable-Harley Shock-on bike
  • JRi Harley Shock & Fork Image

Harley Touring Models Dual Adjustable Shock Set

8 lbs
28 × 6 × 6 in
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Your Harley Davidson is unique to you.  That's why we set up every set of Harley Davidson shocks specifically for the rider.  From the correct application for your specific model to the right length and spring combination, we want to ensure you enjoy the ride, every ride.

Technical Advantages

  • Dual Adjustable- Damping and Ride Height Adjustable via Spring Preload
  • The damping adjuster is located at the bottom of the shock and offers adjustment on compression and rebound simultaneously
  • Spring preload easily adjustable by owner
  • 40 clicks of damping adjustment
  • Spring rate based on rider weight with gear and riding style
  • Performance based settings for improved handling
  • Smooth and controlled ride
  • Custom piston designed to hug the road
  • Rebuildable and serviceable
  • Dyno tested ensuring excellent performance
  • Several spring rates available to meet rider profile
  • Custom lengths available at additional cost
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for all JRi Harley Shocks


Additional information

8 lbs
28 × 6 × 6 in





Tech Documents

Tech Documents

JRi Harley Shock Manual

Reviews (15)

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  • Rob R.

    I met Charlie in Daytona at bike week 2021. JRi had a booth in the parking lot of J&P. With lots of aftermarket kits out there I simply asked him to sell me on the product. He gave me the full run down on the options of shocks and offered to install them for free. (rears only for obvious reasons) He built them on the spot for my weight, height and riding style. Even had me take it for a test drive to get feed back and made a final adjustment. My 2009 FLHX came with air ride. Awful. I upgraded to CVO low shocks and was much better then air. The JRi’s however are unbelievably better in every way. I even got a follow up call making sure all was good with the shocks. Great customer service. I text Charlie when I was upgrading the front with the inserts and he quickly responded to my questions. Harley in Saint Augustine installed the fronts to complete the package. I went from worn out Buick suspension to Mercedes AMG. My 800lb bike feels like its on rails. Hands down the best upgrade done to my bike. Thanks JRi and Charlie. Great product.

  • Andy Nance

    Been wanting to get better shocks for my CVO Street Glide for a while. Big difference. Normally after a long ride, I’d feel it in my lower back. After I got your shocks, took a long ride home, an even longer ride the day after, and another couple of hundred miles today. I feel great. Allowed me to lower the bike and love that. And since I like tweaking things, having fun with the adjustments.

  • (verified owner)

    Nathan Goldstein (verified owner)

    Super pleased with these shocks. Easy to install and adjust. Bike rides better than it ever has, solo or two-up. Company’s customer service is great, too. The spring adjuster set screws were not included in the packaging, and Marty ship them out to me overnight.

  • Chuck Habrack

    This has to be the best single purchase that I made. What tells me these are worth the price is when you install them and take your wife for a ride and she comments on how much nicer it is. She also knew how much they cost. That is when you know its good. I have not fine tuned them but I can say once the sag is set, the tuning is now preference. I do have to adjust the springs for two up or solo but its only a few minutes and now I know how many turns. Installed on a 2007 V Rod.

  • Tracy B

    Hands down, the best shocks Ive ran on my bikes to date.
    100,000 miles on my 2011 RG with the majority of those miles running the JRIs. They are my absolute favorite over any other brand Ive had over the years on various bikes.
    Customer service is top notch as well.
    I do mostly long distance riding. This entails a variety of surfaces & road conditions so theres never a worry. These shocks will ensure a comfortable ride which means a less stressful toll on your body.

  • Jason Jenkins

    I have had JRi Dual Adjustable shocks on my current bike (2016 Ultra) and my previous bike (2010 Street Glide), now, years later and nearly 200K miles, These shocks are the best. I tried others brands but the adage is true, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”. After a very short break, I am back riding on JRi Shocks and couldn’t be happier. I have confidence in my bike again and it’s a pleasure to ride no matter what the road conditions are.

  • Mark O

    I have had the opportunity to use a lot of different brands in my 35 plus years of riding and I now run JRi Shocks on both of my bikes. My Road King got JRi Shocks back in 2014 and have many miles on them and now I have installed them on my Ultra as well. Great shocks for comfort, adjustability, and handling. Great instructions on how to get them adjusted to you and your riding style. You will be amazed at how well these shocks make a big touring bike handle. I purchased mine through, but I have also contacted JRi directly and they have great customer service people.

  • Anthony S

    These shocks are great! I sent an email and they gave me a representative named Robin who took time to gather my riding information, how much I weigh and if I have a tour pack, if I ride with a passenger. He calculated the right shocks for me and pre adjusted them to the way ride I wanted. Also texted him while installing them and called back right away to answer any questions. By far the best customer service with the best shocks. Worth every dollar I paid! Should have bought these shocks 2 years ago. My bike handles better and I have a plush ride. It has 40 adjustments so you can make it stiffer or softer. Very easy to adjust. Thank you Rob

  • Nolan M

    I had these shocks installed by Howard at Daytona Bike Week and took my wife for a ride to the space ctr. We ran over some rough road, rr tracks and I was very pleased. A world of difference from the stock harley air shocks on my CVO ultra road glide. I think they are still a little stiff but i have never adjusted them sense Howard installed them with what info i gave him. These guys really know there shocks and make sure your happy with them. They even give you a dyno sheet for your shocks. My friend told me about them and I seen them on HD forum. These shocks are race proven. I’ve tried other brands in years past and always was disappointed.

  • Lee Hudson

    I bought a pair at the Dragon Tail and hooked up in the turns more than I can imagine. They also stopped the pain in my lower back when I bottomed out the stock POS shocks Harley puts on the Factory Road Glide Screaming Eagle. Now this Eagle flies with control around corners and over bumps without being noticed. I looked at Ohlin and I bought JRI. I would recommend them to any bike owner not matter the brand.

  • Jeff Gabbard

    I just got the 12″ single adjustable shocks for my 2012 Street Glide. I am 5’9″ with a 29″ inseam and want to keep the bike as low as possible but still maintain a good ride. These shocks are AWESOME! Great ride and adjustability for 1 or 2 up riding. Having a sweep valve on a 12″ shock is huge because it gives you adjustment of compression and rebound. Most 12″ shocks only allow you to adjust preload (SAG). I can’t say enough about the fantastic customer service I have received from Bryan. He has handled multiple calls from me throughout the buying and installation process and treated me like I was the only customer he had. Great Experience with JRi!

  • Bill Johnson

    Purchased these JRI single Adjustable shocks for my 2016 Harley Ultra Limited Low, I went with the 13 inch shock. The install was quick and easy, reading the instructions that come with the shocks make setting them up just as quick and easy. The ride is very smooth and the handling is great. These shocks are so easy to install and set up there is no need to have to seek out some self professed shock guru.

    You will not go wrong with a quality JRI shock, the build quality is first rate and just handling the shock you can tell and feel the quality that goes into it. That are no cheap second rate parts in these shocks and they do not need to be taken apart when they are brand new and rebuilt just to make them work right. I highly recommend JRI shocks if you are looking for the very best, you won’t be disappointed.

    I purchased my JRI Single Adjustable shocks from Revzilla.

  • Patrick R.

    I have 2013 FLHTP Electroglide Police. One of the first upgrades was to contact Howard at M-M, and ordered JRI 13″ with custom Springs for rider weight. JRI made major improvements in Handling a comfort. Stock Airshocks are a cheap way to cover wide weight range of one or two riders, but handling and comfort suffers. Probably the best money spent on this bike. I did debate between Ohlins and JRI. I went with JRI because it was Made in USA, are rebuildable and had good customer support. I just installed the Kraus Motors/ Ohlins Forks. Now this sled rides on rails.

  • Robin Pemberton

    Today, I rode the best stuff I’ve ever been on in my life! I left this morning for a ride around the block and it felt so good I wound up 130 miles away. After 275 miles, I made one shock adjustment of 3 clicks softer. The adjustment feels smoother on the interstate, but for a curvier road such as the Tail of the Dragon, I would start back at 18 clicks, depending on how the front end is working.

  • Josh Anzini

    I’m very happy with the improved comfort of my bike since adding the JRi Shocks. It is a noticeable difference on my 2,500 mile cross-country adventure.