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JRi’s Hydraulic Ride Height system is a game changer for raising and lowering your vehicle with the push of a button. No more compromising on ride height for street driving, track, or show. The system is also helpful for clearing speed bumps, steep driveways, trailer ramps, etc. Using a compact hydraulic pump, your car’s height is controlled by simply holding “up” or “down” on a switch.

The Hydraulic Ride Height system does not use air, which means quieter operation, more durable seals, and more consistent performance. Unlike air bags, the hydraulic pump runs only for a few seconds while the vehicle is raising. Installation and plumbing are simple, and a large air tank is not required. The hydraulic system does not affect the spring rate, allowing coilover performance and tuning. Adjustable spring perches allow corner balancing and fine adjustment.

The internal working of the shock is not affected by the ride height system, maintaining JRi’s high quality ride and handling. JRi’s standard shock stiffness adjustability levels are still offered: non, single and double adjustable.

The kit includes the pump, 4 shocks, and oil. Please refer to the installation manual for more information on what else is required for installation.

Technical Advantages

    • 1-5” of ride height control (depending on shock length and suspension type)
    • Fast acting – typical lift time is 5-7 seconds
    • Uses standard 2.5” ID coilover springs
    • Ability to make spring changes and adjust corner balance
    • Compact 12v hydraulic pump (14” L, 5.75” W, 6.25” H)
    • Shock stiffness adjustment available (single or double adjustable)
    • The Non-Adjustable Ride Height System starts at $6,000.00





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  • Troy Spackman

    We have used the Ride Height System on 5 projects and utilized it’s adjustability in a few different ways. Delivering unparalleled performance and the diversity of “air” suspension, for our customers this is a no brainer. – Legacy Innovations